Rhetorical Analysis Questions

South Carolina Bill Would Nullify all Presidential Executive Orders Against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

View the article here: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2013/01/south-carolina-bill-would-nullify-all-executive-orders-against-the-right-to-bear-arms/

  • Who is the author?
    The author of this article is Kelli Sladick.  She is an advocate for the 2nd Amendment Preservation Group.  She uses quotes from the Bill, the Senator who introduced the Bill, and the U. S. Constitution. 
  • What is her intention?
    Sladick wants to inform her audience of the new Bill and also wants to convince them to support the Bill.
  • What is the message?
    Sladick is wanting to convince the audience to support the Bill and is informing them of how important this Bill is.  She provides information for the audience to research the people on the committee for the Bill and the 2nd Amendment Preservation Group.
  • Who makes up the audience?
    The audience for Sladick’s article is South Carolinians who may or may not have heard of the Bill that was introduced. It is also for people in other states so that they may try to get a similar Bill in their state. She uses quotes from the Constitution and the Amendments because the audience should have an idea of what the Constitution is and it gives her article credibility.
  • What is the form/structure/medium?
    The article begins by introducing the Bill and the senator, Tom Davis, who introduced the Bill to the Senate. Sladick then goes to describe parts of Davis’ speech as he introduced the Bill and she quotes the Constitution. She then goes on to quote the book, The Original Constitution, by Robert Natelson which explains the Constitution and Amendments. Sladick ends her article by giving links to the 2nd Amendment Preservation Group, similar legislations in other states, and the judiciary committee who is dealing with the Bill.
  • Which persuasive and rhetorical devices are used?
    The author appeals to most South Carolinians easily by simply bringing up the gun control issue. Most people who live in the south are Republicans and therefore do not agree with a lot of Obama’s ideas, especially when it comes to the second amendment. She quotes the Constitution which gives a since of validity to her article and lets the audience know that she has done some research and knows what she is talking about. The author uses a formal tone to connect with an older audience who might would have influence on the Bill being passed.
  • Does the message/speech/text succeed in fulfilling the author’s intentions?
    The article is very informative and persuasive to support the Bill or at the very least to research it and learn more about it. If the reader is not from South Carolina, it would strike an interest to discover if a law or bill is active in their state. This article is very time-relevant because of all of the shootings that have taken place recently and the question of gun control that is circulating because of them. The author could have made the article more appealing to a wider aged audience.

One thought on “Rhetorical Analysis Questions

  1. Your answers to the questions are good, but think more about the ethos of the author and the fact that this is a blog post, or online article. How does the media or format help the author reach a wider audience and achieve her purpose? Also, think more deeply about how her word choice creates the tone of the piece and how it leads to pathos. Think about the kinds of references she uses to build ethos, and whether she gives her audience enough background information. Good luck!

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